Threatened wildlife of Trinidad and Tobago
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Threatened wildlife of Trinidad and Tobago
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Conservation of endangered habitat and species has long been an important issue to Edward. He was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and has illustrated many of the island nation's threatened animals in their native habitat as commissions for nature enthusiasts and biologists.

Scarlet Ibis in the Caroni mangrove swamp
Scarlet Ibis are threatened by illegal hunting

Scarlet Ibis are figured on Trinidad and Tobago's coat of arms and are one of Trinidad's most important eco-tourism draws. This gregarious wading bird feeds and roosts in Trinidad's mangrove swamps in reduced numbers because of illegal hunting and a change in salinity in their breeding grounds.

Painting of the Trinidad Piping Guan, or Pawi.

The Trinidad Piping Guan is known in Trinidad and Tobago as the Pawi. It has been the focus of an Non Government Organization (NGO) conservation education campaign. Threatened by illegal hunting, this arboreal species is restricted to remote forests on Trinidad and may soon become extinct if it and it's habitat are not protected.

Lesser Seedfinch, or Chikichong

Once a common resident of secondary growth and deciduous forests the Chickichong is now found only in the cages of the song bird enthusiasts.

Moriche Oriole in Moriche Palm

Moriche Oriole
Threatened on Trinidad by the cagebird trade, this Oriole is a rare resident in Trinidad's swampy forests especially among Moritia palms.


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